Sample poultry menu:

  • Cider Glazed Chicken with Herbs, Warm Potato Salad and Parsley Buttered Carrots
    Wine: Washington Merlot or Sauvigon Blanc
  • Quail with Prune and Pear Stuffing, Roasted Potatoes, Sweet and Sour Pearl Onions
    Wine: Australian Reisling or Zinfindel
  • Roasted Raspberry Cornish Hens drizzled with Balsamic and Honey, Garlic Potato Cakes, Sauteed Eggplant
    Wine: Rioja Spain or Rhone Valley
  • Spiced Fried Drumsticks with Mae Ploy Dipping Sauce, Veggie Pasta Salad
    Wine: Georges Du Boeuf or Rose
  • Rosemary Mustard Chicken Thighs with Baked Sweet Potato and Buttered Corn Cobs
    Wine: Australian Blends or Cotes Du Rhone Village
  • Paprika Dusted Chicken Breast stuffed with Fresh Mozzerella and Basil, Baked Potato, Snap Peas and Roasted Red Peppers
    Wine: White Bordeaux or Cabernet Franc
  • Mix Berry Pan-fried Duck Breast with Brown Rice, Honey-Chive Baby Carrots
    Wine: Rex Hill Pinot Noir or Shiraz Mix
  • Citrus Roasted Whole Turkey with White Wine Pan Gravy and Roasted Leeks and Potatoes
    Wine: Light Dry Burgundy or Riesling