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Erika has been cooking in restaurants for fifteen years so her knowledge of chopping, preparing, cleaning and weighing food is extensive. While serving in the military she learned to deal with a stressful situations and adapt to her environment while still producing fabulous products. Erika can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet or fine dining setting as well as catering.

Please feel free to call any of the references below about sanitation, attendance, and her professionalism in general. Erika takes pride in her work. Customer happiness is a must and hopefully we will learn from each other!!!


  • Graduated with honors from Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts 2000
  • Military Certified Food Technician 1995
  • Graduated Saint Augustine High School 1993





  • Purple Sage, 1 Year as Sales, 693-9555, Tom Young or Robin Benette
  • BlackWater Grill, 2 Years as Saute/Preparation Chef, 693-0856, Nick P. or Scott Adams
  • Cummings Cove Country Club, 2 years as Head Chef, 891-3035, Ibby White or Roger
  • Etowah Valley Country Club, 1 season as Breakfast and Lunch Chef, 891-7022, Colleen
  • Gypsy Cab Company Restaurant in Florida, 2 years as Salad and Preparation Chef, 904-824-8244, Ned Pollack or Pat

Questions and Answers with Erika Phillips

Q: Who is Erika Phillips?

A: I have lived in Hendersonville, NC for five years with my husband of ten years. We both moved from St. Augustine, FL where we met in Culinary Arts school. We have two spoiled dogs and Steven has two older children. I have been all over the world while serving in the military and North Carolina is MOST fabulous!

Q: What is your background?

A: I have been working in restaurants for over a decade. I went to the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts where I graduated with honors as well as winning several team competitions. Before I was stationed overseas the military certified me as a culinary specialist during my time in Virginia.

Q: Explain your business.

A: We do an assortment of things. Gourmet meals in your home, breakfast, lunch or dinner using your menu and equipment or mine. Meals by the week where I would need most of the day in your kitchen. Prices vary so please call for a free consultation.

We can do buffets up to 100 people or hors d’oeuvre for personal or business parties. Fresh pasta parties which where we use our two pasta machines and this can serve up to ten people comfortably. I also have stayed in cabins for four days cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Catering businesses and restaurants can also hire me if they are understaffed. I do own all of my own equipment.

Q: Tell us about your romantic dinners anywhere special

A: We have a small outdoor kitchen and pop-up gazebo for up to fifteen people. We have all the equipment to do a complete meal anywhere as long as cooking on the premises is permitted. We take care of everything and all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

Q: What about your award winning desserts?

A: These are prepared by the baker of the family, Steve, who has always enjoyed baking but really learned how during his two years at the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts.

His cakes and pies have won seven awards in the past three years at the Western North Carolina Mountain State Fair. These have included three blue ribbons and two Judge’s Choice Awards. He plans on continually updating the dessert menu so please check back often.

Q: How can we contact you?

A: You can call me at 828-290-2718 or send me a message from my Contact page.